Help us improve the Veterans Employment Program

Ex-service organisations

A number of ex-service organisations have indicated that they are interested in promoting the employment of veterans.

One of the initiatives announced under the Program was the creation of a register to facilitate connections between businesses and ex-service organisations. However, since the announcement in 2016 a similar facility has been made available through the Department of Defence’s Engage portal.


The Department of Defence’s Engage(this link will open in a new tab) website is an online portal where users can search for free services and support for current and former ADF members, their families and others involved in their support.

Ex-service organisations that provide employment and other services to veterans and their families can register as a service provider through an online form. Organisations keen to assist businesses with veterans’ employment projects are encouraged to register their interest and outline the services they can offer.

Businesses interested in partnering with ex-service organisations to promote veterans employment initiatives can search the portal(this link will open in a new tab) to identify interested registered ex-service organisations.

Veterans and their partners can also find ex service organisations offering employment services(this link will open in a new tab), including resume and job coaching, mentoring, recruitment services and further education.

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