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jobactive is the Australian Government's way to get more Australians into work, by connecting job seekers with employers. Under the Program, jobactive has been enhanced.

jobactive(this link will open in a new tab) now enables employers to select an optional 'defence force experience desirable' flag, and veterans can search for jobs that employers have flagged.

jobactive also provides information tailored for veteran jobseekers(this link will open in a new tab).

State and territory government veteran employment initiatives

ACT Government

The ACT Government Minister for Veterans and Seniors, Minister Gordon Ramsay launched the ACT Government Veterans' Employment Strategy in September 2017. The ACT Government supports the transition of Australian Defence Force (ADF) personnel into civilian life and recognises that their skills and experience are a valuable asset to the ACT community. The ACT Government’s vision is to make the ACT Public Service (ACTPS) a leader in the recruitment and retention of veterans. Visit the Veterans' Employment - ACTPS Employment Portal(this link will open in a new tab) for more information.

NSW Government

The NSW Veterans Employment Program(this link will open in a new tab), launched on 5 May 2016, will assist an additional 200 veterans to find suitable, sustainable and meaningful employment within the NSW Government Sector by 2019. The NSW Government offers a variety of careers allowing veterans to draw upon their unique military experience and skills. An ADF Rank — NSW Government Grade Match Tool(this link will open in a new tab) has been developed to guide veterans to their equivalent NSW public sector grades.

Queensland Government

In July 2018, the Premier announced a 12-month pilot program to identify at least 100 employment opportunities for veterans in the Queensland public sector. The Program is designed to match the existing skills of veterans with available roles in the public sector and help them secure and transition into those roles. The Program will include a sector-wide communications campaign to promote the benefits of employing veterans, career events to enable veterans to engage with hiring managers and HR practitioners to discuss current and future employment opportunities, mentoring and network programs, online resources to support veterans applying for opportunities within the QLD public sector and capability and rank matching tools to help hiring managers and HR practitioners identify sector employment opportunities for veterans. More information can be found at Veterans Employment Pathway(this link will open in a new tab).

Government of Victoria

In November 2016, the Premier announced that he would establish a Veterans Public Sector Employment initiative(this link will open in a new tab). The initiative will assist up to 250 veterans find jobs in the Victorian public sector.

The Government of Victoria is also working with the RSL Victorian Branch to establish a network of ESO providers and employers to further veterans employment in Victoria.

Government of Western Australia

The Government of Western Australia established the Western Australian Veterans Advisory Council in 2014.

The Veterans' Employment Transition Support program(this link will open in a new tab) has been implemented to encourage current and former ADF members to consider employment in the WA public sector.

Employment in the Australian Public Service

To assist former ADF members who are looking to transition to the Commonwealth public sector, the Australian Public Service Commission has developed a toolkit and an application to align ADF ranks with Australian Public Service (APS) classifications (this link will open in a new tab). The Commission's APSjobs(this link will open in a new tab) also includes specific information for veterans on what to expect from employment in the APS.

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