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Benefits of Employing Veterans

A veteran employee contracted to telecommunications company tech2 sits at a table discussing work with two colleagues.

Members of the ADF gain an extensive range of skills, abilities, recognised behaviours and attributes that make them valuable employees in the civilian workforce. They are good at solving problems, leading teams, and working under pressure. They retain core ADF values such as honesty, honour, initiative, integrity, respect and loyalty. These attributes make them valuable employees in the civilian workforce.

Their talents are readily transferable to the civilian workforce and include:

  • learning new skills quickly
  • being highly motivated and punctual
  • communicating effectively to keep people informed
  • completing tasks efficiently and on time
  • working independently and as part of a team
  • demonstrating leadership but also being able to follow instructions
  • being well presented and courteous
  • working with a variety of people from different backgrounds and with varying levels of experience

Many former ADF members will have acquired professional or trade qualifications that are recognised in the civilian workforce, for example mechanics, health professionals, carpenters and drivers.

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